Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I sign up for free ?

Yes, you can sign up for free and start searching other users in your area.

Why cannot I make a voice or video call ?

We have designed this unique Voice and video calling technology where our users can use it without being annoyed. You can message any user unless you are blocked but to make a voice or video calling , you have to get access from that specific user whom you would like to call. Also you can Call as many users as you like but the only thing you need to do ,get access from them or Alternatively you can give them access if they are interested in calling you.

Why am I unable to receive or make a call even after access of calling ?

This is most likely to be settings of you or your partner’s device microphone and camera which has to be chosen “Allow”. If you don’t see that message then go to settings of your device and change it to allow . Please see the image below for reference.

Can I message anyone and is it free?

Yes, you can message anyone unless you are blocked. Also You can call anyone anywhere in the world for free.

How to give access for voice and video call to another user ?

If you like to give access to another user of voice or video calling or both. You have to jump on their profile through lookup or search and you will see blue icons of voice and video calling , just click on any of those or both icons to give them access. Those icons will become red after the access is granted and Calling icons will start appearing on your profile when your profile will be opened by that user only, who you gave the access. See the image below for reference.

How can I block or report a user ?

If you would like to block a user then just go to that specific user’s profile and click on block botton .If you like to report a user, just go to their profile and click the report button as shown in image below with a brief description. Please see the image below for a reference.

How to unblock a user ?

Go to your profile> settings> blocked profiles and you can unblock the users which you have blocked.

How to Delete or upload Public and Private photos?

Go to your profile> edit profile>My photos and you can manage to upload or delete your photos from there.

How to change your Tagline or your profile description ?

Go to your profile>edit profile>Profile overview and you can make any changes.

How to change my password ?

Go to settings>account settings and you can change your password from there.

How can I hide my online status , recent login location, when I view someone or my joined date ?

You have to be a paid member to use all these features .If you are a paid member then go to settings>account settings and you can manage all these features.

Should I be able to search a specific user ?

Yes you can search a specific user through our search bar by typing the username of such user or you can use our advance search technology to find someone according to your choice. Please see the image below to find out where is the advance search and search option.

How should I Stop receiving email notifications?

Go to your profile>settings>email notifications and then just untick the bars whichever notifications you do not like to receive.

How to Deactivate or delete my account ?

Choose carefully if you like to deactivate or delete your account .Go to settings and then deactivate or deletion and then follow the prompts from there. If you choose to deactivate your account then you can reactivate it again with the same login details but if you choose to delete your account then it will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to retrieve your account.

Why cannot i access my account ?

There is a possibility of an error in a password or username(email) .Try to reset your password first by clicking on forgot password and we will send you a link to reset your password. If you are still unable to login then contact our support team with as much as information you can provide such as your name or username on account and your location which you had selected while signing up and we will try our best to retrieve your account but also there would be a chance of ban on your account. You can visit our terms of use if your account is suspended.

Profile photo access

How should I give private photo access to another user ?

You simply go to their profile and click the button and that user can see your private photos

How should I revoke my private photo access given to another users ?

Go to your profile>settings>photo access and you can click the button of that specific user or you can revoke access of all the users by clicking deny all users button .

Why is it not showing ask them to upload more photos options on some of the profile ?

If you have requested once you can’t send the request again that’s why it doesn’t show that option again on those profiles.

Other Questions

Why is it showing complete profile under my username ?

At the time of signing up if you click on skip options then you will see that message until you do not fill out that options. You can click on complete profile and fill the forms and it will stop displaying that message.

How Do I Browse members from different countries ?

Go to the advance search and you can put the name of country, state and city to browse members from different countries.

How to add someone to my favourite List?

Go to that specific user’s profile and you can see heart shaped blue icon, just click on that and heart icon will become red and then go to your my favorite list and you will find that they are added to your favorite list.

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